Interments & Plots

Cemetery Property Disclaimer

Cemetery property shall be sold at prices established by the Fayetteville Evergreen Cemetery Association.  No monuments or markers shall be placed on a property, nor shall any interments be allowed until the property has been paid for in its entirety. No sale, transfer, or subdivision of any cemetery property by owners shall be valid without the written consent of the Fayetteville Evergreen Cemetery Association.

Burial Space Available

Inquire below for more information.

Burial Registration

All burials are registered with the Association to insure proper record management.

Interment Burial Containers

Casket, vault, and urn.


Burial Space Availability

Burial lots are available. Questions regarding prices and availability should be directed to Bob Young, Administrator at (505) 690-5289 or at

Burial Rights

No remains or cremains shall be placed in or removed from any gravesite except by consent of the Fayetteville Evergreen Cemetery Association and all parties with interest in said property.

Burial Capacity
Per individual gravesite, the following may be interred:

  1. a) one (1) casket, vault, or full interment with the option of not more than one (1) additional urn,
  2. b) no more than three (3) urns, or
  3. c) no more than two (2) infant burials provided that there is adequate space for the burial container(s).
Burial Arrangements

No interments, disinterment, or reinterment may be made without proper arrangements with the Fayetteville Cemetery Association. These may be arranged by contacting Bob Young Administrator at (505) 690-5289.

For interments and reinterments, the type of burial container (casket, vault, and urn) must be indicated as well as the gravesite specified in instance of a plot or multiple burials.  The date, time and type of service (church, graveside) should be specified.  Standard weekday burials should be scheduled at least 24 hours prior to interment.  Evening, weekend, and holiday burials should be scheduled at least three (3) days prior.

Stone work or monumental work will not be permitted on a lot until the lot is fully paid for.

Written requests for disinterments, with letters from all parties with interest shall be submitted at least two (2) weeks prior to scheduled work.

Burial Registration

Each interment, disinterment, and reinterment shall be registered and the nominal registration fee paid prior to interment to the Board of Directors of the Fayetteville Evergreen Association to insure proper record management.


To inquire about burial arrangements or space availability, please contact Evergreen Cemetery’s administrator, Bob Young by calling or emailing: |   505-690-5289