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Established in 1847, Fayetteville Evergreen Cemetery is approximately ten and one-half acres and contains approximately 3200 known burials. Fayetteville Evergreen Cemetery serves as the final resting place for many of Fayetteville’s and Northwest Arkansas’ most prominent citizens. Buried here are the early settlers, soldiers, statesmen, lawyers, doctors, educators, and bankers of early Fayetteville.

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Cemetery Open Hours


9:30 a.m. – 30 minutes before sundown

Evergreen Cemetery is open from 8:30 a.m. until thirty minutes before sundown.  The gates are secured by the Caretaker.  No trespassing after hours is allowed.  No person shall enter the cemeteries except through the gates or walks.

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  1. Progress continued on Official Burial List.  Sources used included 1984 Reading of the Cemetery, Grave Digger’s List, newspaper obituaries 
  2. Association list, other lists prepared by Washington County Historical Society.
  3. Grant received for north half of east wall for repointing and stabilization from the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program.
  4. Grant was submitted and declined by AHPP for east and south wall repair.  Suggestion by them to resubmit for 2021 grant cycle.
  5. Archibald Yell monument dedication was held on April 27.  Featured speakers included Maylon Rice (Washington County Historical Society), Hugh Kincaid, Worthy Master of the Masonic Lodge, and Mayor Lioneld Jordan.
  6. Preentation was made to Military Officers Association on Evergreen and its residents.
  7. Presentation of an Olli class on Archibald Yell.
  8. Need was established for a “Friends of Evergreen” group, a 501 c 3 organization.  This group would assist in fundraising and program development
  9. A plaque was discussed for the UA Sesquicentennial, recognizing close connection between UA and Evergreen.
  10. Policy was adopted that “no one else can be buried in a family plot without a headstone being set”.
  11. O. E. Williams family descendants traded Shreve 66 lot for the west ½ lot in Shannon 34.
  12. Board approved a resolution to be sent to Royce and Susan Robertson for repairing their family lot wall and straightening monuments in Shreve 28.
  13. Donation was received from Vera Hall and Genevieve Pennington Trust account.
  14. David Richardson cleaned tombstones as a part of his Eagle Scout project.
  15. Workday was held for vegetation cleanup with the Kappa Sigma fraternity.
  16. Bob Young repaired approximately 25 headstones in Evergreen I.
  17. Signs indicating “Plots were for Sale” were put at north and south entrances.
  18. Board voted to mark “Unreadable Stones” with 6” x 12” stone.  Five were purchased initially.  Others will be purchased as funds permit.
  19. Donation was received by Mrs. Palmer Hotz for a tree in memory of her husband.
  20. Geophysical surveys from Dr. Ken Kvamme were received.  His analysis was marked by Bob Young in order to determine gravesites in Evergreen IV.
  21. Dowser Terry Davis walked the Evergreen I, II, III, and IV sections and identified burials.  His work was marked by Bob Young.
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  1. Though 2020 has been anything but normal, it has been a good year for Fayetteville Evergreen Cemetery.  Angela McKnight have officially designated Evergreen as a Covid-Free Zone and have continued working all year.

    We must give Angela the “Volunteer of the Year” Award.  She and I have worked tirelessly on the Official Burial List.  She has cleaned and recruited help from help her husband, brother, Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, and Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity men and me to clean headstones.  She has photographed and edited all of the headstones for our new website.  WHEW, she WINS!

    1. The Official Burial List is COMPLETED (well, it may never be done… I’m sure we’ll find someone we missed, but I don’t see how). We have searched sources including:

      1. Odd Fellow’s and Mason’s List – June, 1885-April, 1903
      2. Grave Digger’s List – 1904-1921
      3. Evergreen Minutes and Sales – 1915-1954
      4. Evergreen Secretary’s Notebook – 1927-1942
      5. Evergreen Lot Owner’s – 1915-1941, 1941-1958
      6. Articles about Evergreen Cemetery in the Washington County Historical Society’s publication, Flashback.
      7. Walter Lemke’s 1955 list of those buried in Evergreen born before 1840
      8. 1985 Washington County Genealogical Society Cemetery Reading – 1985
      9. Craig Vogel list Angela McKnight photography list – 2012
      10. Mark Reynold’s Caretaker list of headstones
      11. Birth and Death Certificates
      12. Arkansas Death Index
      13. Obituaries in early Fayetteville Newspapers

    2. The Official Burial List (as of Nov. 1, 2020) has been turned over to Charlie Alison who is editing it for publication. You remember that you approved printing an initial 10 copies.  We will be using a print on demand basis and will be able to sell those through the publisher. I think we can sell them for at least $25 each.

    3. Work on the Fayetteville Evergreen website is progressing. This is quite an undertaking getting all of the information about the Cemetery and its policies and at the same time, including a detailed list (with pictures and bios) of our residents.  I think it’s something you are going be very proud of.

    4. A “reading” of the cemetery was completed. This involved walking the cemetery and confirming location of all headstones and footstones.  The last reading was done in 1984 by the Washington County Genealogical Society.

    5. As a result of the “reading”, a comprehensive list of maintenance items was prepared. This will enable us to better budget for the future.

    6. $25,150 in plot sales plus $1,000 for refundable headstone deposits was collected. A balance of $2,500 is still owed on one sale.  Sales were to McKnight (3 plots- $7,500), Stegall (2 plots – $5000), Blime (1/2 plot – $1650), Allen (2 plots – $5,000), Bickell (4 plots – $6,000 paid, $2,500 owed – $1500 paid in 2019).

    7. Ten maple trees were planted (5 along the south entry drive and 4 along the northwest fence In Evergreen I). Ten stumps were removed.  Two volunteers have been coming regularly to the cemetery and removing vegetation.

    8. The carver will be in the cemetery the first week of December to add DODs (Date of Death) to ten headstones missing dates.

    9. A cemetery tour was done in October for OLLI participants. Despite misty weather, 20 people attended (all but one who had registered).

    10. Initial research was done for the established for a “Friends of Evergreen” group, a 501 c 3 organization. This group would assist in fundraising and program development.

    11. Policy was changed to allow only 3 cremains with headstones allowed in a single burial plot.

    12. Headstone cleaning workday was held with Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity pledges. Approximately 70 pledges attended.

    13. Tree planting and headstone cleaning day was held with Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. Approximately 40 Pike pledges helped out.

    14. Donations were received from Sandra Brooks, Genevieve Pennington/Velma Hall Trust for website, Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity for D2 and an anonymous donation for D2.

    15. Bob Young finished repairs of monuments in Evergreen l, which were started in 2019.

    16. Dowser Terry Davis has assisted in locating and identifying burials in older portions of Evergreen. His work was marked by Bob Young.

    17. Find a Grave was updated.

Expand to see The 2021 Annual Report of Accomplishments
  1. Headstones were repaired in Evergreen I and Evergreen II.
  2. Website was launched – Evergreencemetery.org
  3. 10 headstones which were missing death dates were engraved
  4. Copies of Evergreen Cemetery Burial List were sold (13)
  5. Three big trees, 1 small tree and 2 tree totem, and 8 stumps were removed
  6. Board discussed historical plaque for Archibald Yell.
  7. Several small native trees (8 Eastern Wahoo, 2 Nutella Oak, 2 Shumard Oak, and 2 Tulip Poplar) were purchased.
  8. Grant for remainder of wall repair ($52,000) was secured from Arkansas Historic Preservation Program. Wall work was completed on December 31, 2021. George Centers completed the work.
  9. Wall around Waugh/Gilbert family plot was rebuilt through a donation from Gary Gilbert
  10. David Davies resigned from Board and was replaced by Phillip McKnight.
  11. Interments: Mariah Hurtado (Duncan I 7Alley S), Charles Waites, Jr. cremains (Shannon 32), Robert Ripley cremains (Ever II, A3/10). Will Fletcher Pollock cremains (Shreve, A 38/39), John William Brewer (Stone I ?), Edwin T. Palmer cremains (Shreve 2), McCombs cremains (Duncan II A DunI 8/Dun II 5), Thomas McNair cremains (Assoc IV, 3), Irving Buddy Zisner and Mary Atwater Zisner cremains (Shreve A 47/48), and Bill Ackerman (Stone II, A 6/11)
  12. Plot sales to Beverly Bickell, Liz Craft (Pollack), Robson (Hurtado), Zisner, Ackerman, Ted and Leslie Belden Family Lot, and Elizabeth McCombs.
  13. Donations received from Scott and Martha Christie, Gary Gilbert, Sandra Brooks, and Genevieve Pennington and Vera Hall Trust.
  14. Board voted to invest money in accounts at Edward Jones and Wells Fargo.
  15. Vegetation was removed along the fence on the East and North sides of the Cemetery. Thanks to Lisa Harrington, Phillip McKnight, David Cozart, Bob Young, Mark Reynolds, and Sig Ep fraternity.
  16. Almost all (if not all) headstones have been sprayed with D-2.
  17. Angela Knight photographed all headstones for website.
  18. UA announced construction of new building beside Nanoscience building which will restrict pass through alley to the west of our Northwest entrance.
  19. City reconstructed south sidewalk and curb because of electric scooter hazard at Center Street entrance.
  20. A stove (refurbished) and a window air conditioner were purchased for Caretaker House.
  21. An energy audit of Caretaker’s house resulted in them putting in additional insulation in attic and weather stripping around the doors at no cost of Evergreen.
  22. An expanded list of all people buried in Evergreen has been started.
Expand to see The 2022 Annual Report of Accomplishments
  1. Remodeled Caretaker’s house on inside including painting, new kitchen cabinets and sink, new flooring in kitchen, new heater, remodeled bathroom adding shower, new vanity, and new toilet. Members of the board and volunteers did the work.
  2. Website developed by The Richland Group. Data has been uploaded to include all people buried at Evergreen, a history of the cemetery, and policies of the cemetery. It will be maintained by Angela McKnight and Marilyn Heifner.
  3. Fraternity workday in spring and fall with Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. They planted trees and removed vegetation throughout the cemetery.
  4. UA classes again meeting at the cemetery including Principles of Biology (spring and fall), and Neil Callander’s drawing class.
  5. The movie “Enthralled” used Evergreen as a shooting location.
  6. Board decided to hire a company to repair exterior of Caretakers House, including gutters, siding, insulation of floors and walls as well as repair the porch overhang.
  7. Archibald Yell Historical Marker grant was applied for through Arkansas Historic Preservation Program.
  8. Five dead trees and several crepe myrtles were removed. Fifteen new trees were planted.
  9. Expanded genealogical information was researched for those buried in Evergreen.
Expand to see The 2023 Annual Report of Accomplishments
  1. Outside repairs were made to the Caretaker’s House – Insulation was installed. Terry Keen Construction did the work.
  2. Battery operated chainsaw was purchased.
  3. Hot water heater in caretaker’s house was leaking and had to be replaced.
  4. Zero turn lawn mower was purchased or cemetery maintenance.
  5. Archibald Yell marker was installed in cooperation with a grant from Arkansas Historic Preservation Program.
  6. Program was held for dedication of the Archibald Yell marker. Malcolm McNair was in charge of the program.
  7. Grant was received from the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program for iron fence repair and restoration. Paul Siebenthal was employed as artist-blacksmith for this work. He completed tooling for the finials on the pickets and is removing section by section to restore the fence pieces. Two trees which had grown into the fence were removed for this repair.
  8. Headstone deposits were returned to buyers to facilitate us not having to keep up with this in our accounting. Two checks have not been cashed.
  9. Pennington Hall Estate trust gave $21,785.81 to the Cemetery.
  10. Eight trees were removed in February and crepe myrtles were trimmed. Four old and decaying trees were removed in August (in addition to the trees removed for the fence restoration).
  11. Maylon Rice joined the Board as a director in June.
  12. Wreaths Across America program was again sponsored by Marion Chapter of DAR putting wreaths on servicemen’s grave in December.

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